Harness the power of blockchain & usher in the decentralized web
Maestro is a cutting edge blockchain development platform, pushing the boundaries of Web3 capabilities and paving the way for a decentralized, interconnected digital future.

We offer a full suite of powerful APIs and advanced software tools that streamline the development of dApps on the UTxO blockchain such as Bitcoin, Cardano & Dogecoin.
Maestro is the fastest way to build Web3 applications such as: DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, blockchain analytics platforms, and crypto wallets. Maestro empowers developers and businesses aiming to leverage the power of the blockchain and be a catalyst for ecosystem growth and adoption.
Crafting the future of the internet.Leveraging the transformative potential of blockchain, Maestro seeks to be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, championing a more decentralized and user-centric web. We believe in a future where users reclaim their data sovereignty, and where the economic benefits of the digital space trickle to the edges, paving the way for a better internet built on trust, inclusivity, and fairness.
The complete Web3 stack.Maestro is dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of Web3 for everyone. Maestro’s advanced platform abstracts away the complexity of the blockchain and streamlines dApp development. Maestro is on a mission to accelerate Web3 adoption, empower digital creators and fuel blockchain innovation.
Company Value
Engineering excellence, and user-centric productsWe believe in crafting services that resonate with the genuine needs of our users, and offer premium performance at any scale. Whether you’re an individual developer or an established enterprise, Maestro will help on our journey to success.
Team culture
A team of domain experts and creative thinkers Our culture fosters an environment based on first principle thinking, constructive discourse, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As a fully decentralized company, we value self-leadership, radical accountability, and individual freedom.
Meet the teamDomain experts and creative thinkers united by a passion for engineering challenges,
technological innovation, user-centric products, and the pursuit of excellence.
Marvin BertinCEO & CO-FOUNDER
Varderes BarsegyanCTO & CO-FOUNDER
Pedro LucasBusiness Development
Michael StinsonCommunity Manager
Shape the Future of Web3 with Maestro
Passionate about blockchain and ready to tackle complex challenges? Join Maestro in shaping a more decentralized & user-centric digital future. Work on advanced software tools to streamline dApp development and accelerate Web3 adoption.Join us in our mission to craft a better internet, fuel blockchain innovation, and unlock the vast potential of Web3 for everyone.
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