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Maestro brings together highly available UTxO-optimized blockchain APIs and developer tools
Blockchain Indexer
Powerful Cardano Web3 API for enterprise-grade onchain data needs.
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Transaction Manager
Transaction monitoring system with submission retires and rollback notifications.
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Turbo Transaction
Supercharge transaction submissions offering accelerated transaction finality.
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Managed Smart-Contracts
Fully managed smart contract APIs and ready-to-go UI plugins
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Market Price Feeds
High-fidelity smart contract data feeds from top Cardano DeFi protocols.
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Wallet Manager
Dev tools for Cardano wallet key pairs and address generation
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API REFERENCEPowerful Cardano Web3 API
Enterprise-grade high performance Cardano blockchain indexer optimized for both liveliness and accuracy. Get access to real-time on-chain data and watch your app come to life.
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module Main (main) where
import Control.Exception (try)
import Maestro.Client.V1
import Maestro.Types.V1
main :: IO ()
main = do
env <- mkMaestroEnv @'V1 "<Your-API-Key>" Preprod
addressesUTxOs :: Either MaestroError [UtxoWithSlot] <- try
$ allPages $ flip (utxosAtMultiAddresses env (Just False)
(Just False)) ["addr_test1...", "addr_test1...", "addr_test1..."]
print addressesUTxOs
SDK GUIDEAdvanced Software Developer Kit
Developer-friendly libraries to integrate seamlessly with Maestro's powerful dapp platform and harness the power of the blockchain. Get up and going in just a few lines of code.

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